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Friday, March 11, 2011

Maddy Jean $50

Maddy Jean Paper Pack. This pack is HUGE, 26 - 12x12 papers in JPG format, 300ppi. Such a fun girly set, it was so much fun creating each and every one of these.
$50 for the pack.

Tirizmo $40

Tirizmo Paper pack. This pack has 16 - 12x12 papers in JPG format, 300ppi.
$40 for the pack.

Sprocket $40

19 - 12x12 papers in JPG format, 300ppi

Perception $40

You get 21 - 12x12, 300ppi papers in JPG format.

Poppy Seed $40

Poppy Seed Papers:
12, 12x12 (300ppi) papers in JPG format.

Girly Grunge $40

Girly Grunge Papers:
14, 12x12 (300ppi) papers in JPG format
$40 for the set.

Framed Papers $40

6 papers that frame in your photos in a 12x12 wall print.
You could also use them for 8x8 canvas and 5x5 card templates (with a few slight adjustments). You could swap out the papers to meet your clients needs as the frames are on there own layer.
Layered psd files, 300ppi.

$40 for the set.

Color Phobia $40

$40 for the pack.
12 12x12 papers in jpg format 300ppi

Neutrals $40

Neutrals paper pack 12 12x12 papers in JPG format 300ppi $40

Neutrals paper pack:

Energy $40

Energy Paper pack.
13 12x12 papers in JPG format 300ppi

Twisted Frill $45

22 papers in this pack - all 12x12 |300ppi| JPG format

Vibrant $40

Vibrant: 12 papers total | 11 in JPG format and 1 in PNG format (the last one in the 2nd row - green and blue - it has a really neat paper affect and if I would have flattened or made into a jpg, the effect would have been lost) they are each 12x12 and 300ppi

Vibrant $40

Miah $40

Miah: 12 | 12x12 papers in JPG format, 300ppi

Miah $40

Littly Lady & Zack $45 {each}

My Little Lady set: $45

Photo credit for this set goes to: photography by Connie Hill
Thanks so much Connie!!!

(click on the image to see the details of the set).
You get not 10, but 11 papers (in jpg format, 300ppi, 12x12) one is not shown - that's a bonus - Ladybug "Stickers" - and 3 5x7 card templates (fronts and backs).

Here's Zack: $45

You get 10 papers (and 2 bonus papers for a total of 12 papers, the 2 bonus papers are not shown here) - Car and Alpha Art "Stickers" - 1 5x7 and 1 Trifold.

Delicate Templates $17

This is my first mini set - I hope to do more of these in the future ;)
I'm hoping to make a trifold to match the Delicate set as well.

You get 3 templates (6 I guess, if you count front and back).
They are the double sided templates with WHCC print guides.
In psd format, layered, 5.25x7.25 and at 300ppi.
$17.00 for the set.

Delicate Paper Packs 1 & 2 $40 {each}

Delicate Paper Packs-
With Delicate Paper Pack #1 you get 12 papers (JPG format, 300ppi - 12x12) in soft spring colors and delicate patterns.
$40 for Delicate Paper Pack #1

With Delicate Paper Pack #2 you get 16 papers (JPG format, 300ppi, 12x12in.) in soft spring colors that are done in solids and houndstooth.
$40 for Delicate Paper Pack #2

Boutique Style Paper pack $40

The newest additions to my Boutique line are this sweet paper pack!
Paper Pack:
You get 12- 12x12, 300ppi, jpg files. You can use these to coordinate with my Boutique Style Frames to make some awesome Mattes for your clients photos.

$40 for the paper set.

Hayden $40

A pack for the boys :)
14 Papers- 12x12, 300ppi, Jpg format.
and 2 name plates in psd format.