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Monday, June 18, 2012

Love Lacey | Lace Overlays

I have had quite a few requests lately for some lace papers, so I thought I would create some Lace overlays. Not wanting to make them in certain colors and those colors not be what you I made them as overlays so that you can add your own color to the awesome is that =)
You get 6 dreamy white lace overlays, in psd format, with a color fill layer for the background. Each overlay is 12x12 {3600x3600} @ 300ppi
  Love Lacey | $25


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Love Chevron | Paper Packs

Here are the Chevron packs. Same light textures added to these packs. Each pack has 10 papers, in JPG format, 12x12 and 300ppi.
Love Chevron Mega Pack $65

Love Chevron Single Pack $15
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Love Chevron Single Pack $15
pack 7-12 button

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Love Big Dottie | Paper Packs

I got busy and made some paper packs (in the bigger dots) in some beautiful color pallets. They each have a little texture added to them, but not overly done.
Each set has 10 papers that are 12x12, 300ppi and in JPG format.
Each set can be purchased individually for $15 or the Mega set (all 12 sets) for $65.

Love Big Dottie Mega Pack $65

Love Big Dottie single pack $15
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Love Big Dottie Single Pack $15
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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Arabella & Devonshire

I had to let my creativity out yesterday and I have to tell you, it felt wonderful. Being on leave really has shown me how much I miss working. Hopefully soon, all will be well and I'll be back to work full time again!!
Until then, I would like to introduce my Arabella  & Devonshire paper packs.
Arabella | 13, 12x12 {3600x3600} JPG files, 300ppi.

and Devonshire | 12, 12x12 {3600x3600} JPG files, 300ppi

The one thing I did stumble upon yesterday, were what names these delicate little gems should be given, so I posted on my facebook fan page and got an overwhelming response. I would like to that all of you for your creative and fun names.                                       The winners of the 2 free paper packs are:
Sandra Chaffee-Perkins for Arabella
Kimberly LaSeur-Smith for Devonshire
Congratulations Girls. Your name really just stood out to me in the end. Thank you!!

Arabella Paper Pack$40

Devonshire Paper Pack $40

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ravin Square Paper Pack

I wanted to get this paper pack posted. I started working on this set before I went on leave and only had a few minor details to finish up. It's now finished and ready to purchase.

Ravin Square Paper Pack: 
20 Papers total, 13 patterned and 7 solids, each in JPG format, 12x12 (3600X3600) and 300ppi.

Ravin Square Paper Pack $40