Yes- these can be used for Limited Professional use - for you as a photographer to add the images (you took) and print for your clients. I do not allow them to be put or made into templates that you are selling, in any way shape or form. I don't allow them to be used on eBay, Etsy (or other auction sites), Card creation sites or Printing companies please!!! If you can't agree to the terms- I ask you Please not to purchase my templates.
Terms of use can be downloaded here

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Introducing Harper and Tortuga paper packs

Each set has 12 patterned papers {with bonus coordinating solids}.
Each paper is 12x12 {3600x3600}, 300ppi and in jpg format.

We are introducing these with an special rate through Friday {8-1-14} for just $22 per set.
Then the price will go up to $40, like with all other paper packs.


and Harper

Please make your selection below - $22 through 8-1-14

Please select pack

Monday, June 18, 2012

Love Lacey | Lace Overlays

I have had quite a few requests lately for some lace papers, so I thought I would create some Lace overlays. Not wanting to make them in certain colors and those colors not be what you I made them as overlays so that you can add your own color to the awesome is that =)
You get 6 dreamy white lace overlays, in psd format, with a color fill layer for the background. Each overlay is 12x12 {3600x3600} @ 300ppi
  Love Lacey | $25


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Love Chevron | Paper Packs

Here are the Chevron packs. Same light textures added to these packs. Each pack has 10 papers, in JPG format, 12x12 and 300ppi.
Love Chevron Mega Pack $65

Love Chevron Single Pack $15
pack 1-6 button

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Love Chevron Single Pack $15
pack 7-12 button

please select pack #

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Love Big Dottie | Paper Packs

I got busy and made some paper packs (in the bigger dots) in some beautiful color pallets. They each have a little texture added to them, but not overly done.
Each set has 10 papers that are 12x12, 300ppi and in JPG format.
Each set can be purchased individually for $15 or the Mega set (all 12 sets) for $65.

Love Big Dottie Mega Pack $65

Love Big Dottie single pack $15
Pack 1-6 button

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Love Big Dottie Single Pack $15
pack 7-12 button

Please select pack #

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Arabella & Devonshire

I had to let my creativity out yesterday and I have to tell you, it felt wonderful. Being on leave really has shown me how much I miss working. Hopefully soon, all will be well and I'll be back to work full time again!!
Until then, I would like to introduce my Arabella  & Devonshire paper packs.
Arabella | 13, 12x12 {3600x3600} JPG files, 300ppi.

and Devonshire | 12, 12x12 {3600x3600} JPG files, 300ppi

The one thing I did stumble upon yesterday, were what names these delicate little gems should be given, so I posted on my facebook fan page and got an overwhelming response. I would like to that all of you for your creative and fun names.                                       The winners of the 2 free paper packs are:
Sandra Chaffee-Perkins for Arabella
Kimberly LaSeur-Smith for Devonshire
Congratulations Girls. Your name really just stood out to me in the end. Thank you!!

Arabella Paper Pack$40

Devonshire Paper Pack $40

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ravin Square Paper Pack

I wanted to get this paper pack posted. I started working on this set before I went on leave and only had a few minor details to finish up. It's now finished and ready to purchase.

Ravin Square Paper Pack: 
20 Papers total, 13 patterned and 7 solids, each in JPG format, 12x12 (3600X3600) and 300ppi.

Ravin Square Paper Pack $40